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Rebecca Galentree

Name: Hannah Starling

Date of birth: 12/06/1995

Coach: Edwin Jongejans

Event(s): 3m individual

Born in: Leeds

Started diving in: 2004

Joined Leeds Diving: 2004

1st junior international event: Aachen International '09

1st senior international event: Senior Europeans '09

Major international events:
World Cup 2010 19th place.  
Junior Worlds 2010 (3m synchro) 8th place.
World Championships 2011 27th place.
World Cup 2012 19th place

Best diving achievement: Qualifying for the London 2012 Olympic Games

Diving ambitions/dreams: Compete in the Olympics and Commonwealth Games

Favourite diving pool: Indoor – Turin, because it was where my first international was so I will always have a soft spot for it.  Outdoor – Barcelona, simply because of the weather and the stunning views

Favourite thing about diving: Learning new dives

Plans after diving: Go into Medicine

Favourite food: M&S Caramel Shortbreads or Chocolate Brownies!

Favourite TV programme: Dexter

Favourite music/band: Greg Holden

Most prized possession?: My Ipod. Thank you Apple.

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Hannah starling

Name : Alicia Blagg
Date of Birth: 21/10/96
Coach: Edwin Jongejans 
Event(s): 3m Synchro
Born in: Wakefield
Started diving in: 2004
Joined Leeds Diving in: 2004
1st Junior international event: Camo 2009
1st senior international: 2010 Moscow Grand Prix
Major international events:
Arizona Junior Worlds 2010
World Cup 2010 China
Commonwealth Games 2010
World Championships 2011 Shanghai  
World Cup 2012 London.
Best diving achievement(s): Coming 4th in 3m synchro at Commonwealth Games
 and qualifying for the London 2012 Olympic Games.
Best achievement outside of diving: Winning the sports award from my primary school 
Diving ambitions: Getting to 2012 Olympics, and hopefully doing a couple more in my career 
Role Model: Kelly Holmes 
Favourite diving pool: Commonwealth Games Delhi because my competition went well and it is a really amazing pool, so big and a great pool to dive in.
Favourite thing about diving: The new people you meet, the fact it keeps me fit and healthy and I love just being able to do it
Plans after diving: Something to do with Forensic science 
Favourite food: Sunday Roast
avourite TV programme: F.R.I.E.N.D.S
Favourite music/band: The script and Rihanna
Hobbies: Spending time with family and friends
Most prized possession: my Ipod
Tip for the top: To be the best, train like the best
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Alicia Blagg

Name: Jack Laugher

Date of birth: 30/01/95

Coach: Ady Hinchliffe

Event: Mens 3m individual

Born in: Harrogate

Started diving in: 2002

Joined Leeds Diving in: 2011

Previous club: Harrogate Diving Club

1st junior international event: Aachen 2008

1st senior international event: Russian Grand Prix 2010

Major international events: Commonwealth games 2010, World Champs 2011, World Cup 2012, Junior Worlds and Europeans

Best diving achievement(s): Double gold medal at the Junior World Championships

Diving ambitions/dreams: To get a medal at an Olympics would be incredible, just making it is also amazing!

Role model(s): Chinese divers.

Favourite diving pool: Shanghai! Just a brilliant design and great boards!

Favourite thing about diving: The thrill

Plans after diving: Go and live abroad!

Favourite food: Indian food

Favourite TV programme: Family Guy

Favourite music/band: Eminem

Hobbies: Playstation and listening to a lot of music

Most prized possession: My childhood toy, Peter Rabbit

Personal sponsors: Northern Rail and Trimona Handball Wax

Tip for the top: Never stop trying!

Follow me on Twitter @JackLaugher

Jack Laugher

Name: Becky Gallantree

Date of birth: 19/8/84

Coach: Ady

Event(s): 3m individual, 3m synchro

Born in: Chelmsford, Essex

Started diving in: 1991

Joined Leeds Diving: 2002

Previous club(s): Bramston Diving Club

1st junior international event: Junior Europeans, Malta 2001

1st senior international event: FINA Grand Prix, Madrid 2003

Major international events:

2012 World Cup – 3m 9th; 3m synchro 11th

 2011 World Championships – 3m 29th; 3m synchro 15th

2010 Commonwealth Games – 3m 5th, 3m synchro 4th, 1m 6th, 10m synchro 7th

2010 World Cup – 3m 13th, 3m synchro 8th, 10m synchro 4th

2009 World Championships – 3m 15th, 1m 7th

2008 Olympic Games – 3m 25th

2006 Commonwealth Games – 3m

2006 World Cup – 3m, 10m

Best diving achievement(s): Qualifiying for two Olympics in 2008 and 2012 and coming 4th at World Cup in 2010 in 10m synchro with Stacie Powell – less than a point from a medal! Also being a finalist on 3m at World Cup in London.

Best achievement outside of diving: Getting a First in my degree (in Sports Science) from Leeds Uni.

Diving ambitions/dreams: Winning an Olympic medal

Role model(s): Steve Redgrave

Favourite diving pool: I love the London Olympic pool – the pool is great and the crowd at World Cup was amazing.

What do you want to do after diving?: I'm looking into studying prosthetics and orthotics. I also want to stay involved in diving in some way – probably coaching.

Favourite food: Thai food and chocolate (not together!)

Favourite TV programme: ER

Favourite music/band: Dave Hause, The Loved Ones, The Hold Steady, The Menzingers, The Wonder Years and many more.

Most prized possession: My iPod

Personal sponsors: Rosemont Pharmaceuticals

Tip for the top: Enjoy your sport

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Name: Matthew Roberts

Date of birth: 01/7/1992

Coach: Edwin Jongejans

Event(s): 1m ,3m , 3m synchro

Born in: Welwyn Garden City

Started diving in: 2001

Joined Leeds Diving in: 2010

Previous club(s): Beaumont Diving Academy, Cambridge Dive Team  

1st senior international event: European championships Turin 2011

Major international events: European championships Turin 2011 – 9th

Best diving achievement(s): British Champion in 3m synchro 2012 , Selected to go to Senior European Championships representing GBR. Came 9th

Best achievement outside of diving: Getting into Uni

Diving ambitions/dreams: Olympics

Role model(s): Lebron James [basketball player]

Favourite diving pool:  Leeds , because it’s my home pool

Favourite thing about diving:: Competing , Adrenaline

Plans after diving: Diving Coach

Favourite food: Chicken

Favourite TV programme: Family guy , Scrubs , Friends

Favourite music/band: Rap / Eminem

Hobbies: Basketball

Most prized possession: My Medals

Tip for the top: Failure paves the way to success , learn from your mistakes

Follow me on Twitter @matthewroberts6

Name: Josh Dowd

Date of birth:31/03/1995

Coach: Edwin

Event(s): 3m, 3m synchro, 1m

Born in: Stockton-on-Tees

Started diving in: 2001

Previous club: Darlington

1st junior international event: Aachen 2010

Major international events: Junior Worlds 2010

Best diving achievement: 6th at Junior Worlds on 3m

Best achievement outside of diving: Sports person of the year in the north east

Diving ambitions/dreams: To make the Olympics

Role model(s): Will Ferrel

Favourite diving pool: Barcelona because of the view of the whole city

Favourite thing about diving:Ggetting to see all of the other people at competitions

Plans after diving: Coaching

Favourite food: Sunday dinner

Favourite TV programme: Friends

Favourite music/band: 90s Rnb, The Notorious B.I.G.

Hobbies: Snooker

Most prized possession: The gifts I got when I moved to Leeds

Tip for the top: you only get out of life what you put in it

Follow me on Twitter @joshhdowd

Name: James Denny

Date of birth: 20th September 1993

Coach: Adrian Hinchliffe

Event(s): All

Born in: Leeds

Started diving in: 2005

Year joined Leeds Diving: 2005

1st junior international event: Waldkraiburg 2010

1st senior international event: Russia GP 2011

Major international events: Junior Europeans 2011

Best diving achievement(s): 4th + 6th at Junior Europeans 2011

Best achievement outside of diving: Passing my driving test

Diving ambitions/dreams: Be the best I can be

Role model(s): Jenson Button

Favourite diving pool: Barcelona, because of the views

Favourite thing about diving: The thrill of it

Plans after diving: To go into some sort of sport based job

Favourite food: Chicken fajitas

Favourite TV programme: The Inbetweeners

Favourite music/band: Chase and Status

Most prized possession: My headphones

Tip for the top: Train hard

Follow me on Twitter @JamesRDenny

Matty Lee

James Denny

Name: Lydia Rosenthall
Date of birth: 09/10/1998
Coach: Peng Li
Event(s)  All Boards
Born in: Leeds
Started diving in: 2007
Joined Leeds Diving:                        
1st junior international event: Dresden 2012
1st senior international event:
Major international events: Junior Europeans in Graz, Austria and Junior Worlds in Adelaide, Australia both 2012
Best diving achievement: Coming 4th in the prelim at Junior Worlds
Diving ambitions/dreams: To compete in the Olympics
Role model(s): Jessica Ennis and Usain Bolt
Favourite diving pool: Barcelona
Favourite thing about diving: Going on trips and competing in different places and meeting friend around the world
Plans after diving:I would like to stay in the sport although I don't know what to do yet
Favourite food: Spare Ribs
Favourite TV programme: Corrie and Jersey/Geordie Shore
Favourite music/band: I like a lot of chart music
Most prized possession?: My iPhone
Hobbies:Diving and Shopping
Personal sponsors:  Fedex,
Follow me on Twitter @lydiekiddi9

Name: Matty Lee

Date of birth: 5th March 1998

Coach: Peng Li

Event(s): 1m, 3m, Platform

Born in: Leeds

Started diving in: 2005

Joined Leeds Diving: 2005

1st junior international event: CAMO 2009

1st senior international event:

Major international events: Junior Europeans 2012/2013 and Junior Worlds 2012

Best diving achievement(s): 3m Junior European Champion 2012 and 2013 and 7th on Platform at Junior Worlds 2012

Best achievement outside of diving:  Leeds Young Sports Person of the Year

Diving ambitions/dreams: Compete at the Olympics

Role model(s): Tom Daley and Michael Phelps

Favourite diving pool: Barcelona

What do you want to do after diving?: Physio

Favourite food: Nachos

Favourite TV programme:

Favourite music/band: Hip-hop

Most prized possession: My iPhone

Personal sponsors: First Direct Arena, Leeds

Tip for the top: Never give up!

Follow me on Twitter @Mattydiver

Web page: http://www.mattyleediver.co.uk/

Lydia Rosenthall